Bailey Pyritz

Audio Editor

Bailey Pyritz is the audio editor for CSI’s The Imagination Desk. They are a senior undergrad at ASU getting a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts & Sciences with a concentration in music, and most of their work centers around sound design in Max/MSP. Bailey has a background in music and has been playing guitar and bass for 7 years. She currently has a solo music project called Kylo Gun and has been releasing music under that name since 2019. Bailey hopes to hold a career as a touring musician, while also continuing her work with sound design. She is interested in working on projects centering around feminism, environmentalism, and social justice. Outside of work and music, Bailey enjoys hanging out with their cat, altering clothing, and watching their favorite TV shows, Sopranos and Breaking Bad. Bailey has her own website that also holds her portfolio of music, paintings, photography, and Media Arts & Sciences work. You can find it all at