Dehlia Hannah

Dehlia Hannah, Ph.D. is a a curator and Visiting Assistant Professor of Art-Science Collaboration in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University and a Guest Researcher in the Department of Media, Communication and Cognition at the University of Copenhagen. She received her Doctorate in Philosophy from Columbia University in May, 2013, with specializations in philosophy of science and aesthetic theory. Her dissertation and current book project, entitled Performative Experiments, articulates the philosophical implications of an emerging genre of contemporary artwork that takes the form of scientific experiments and deploys scientific methods and materials as new media. Dehlia deploys her philosophical training to curate art exhibitions that address the cultural imagination of climate change, the Anthropocene, and epistemologies of science. Currently, she is co-PI of A Year Without a Winter (2015-2018), a transdisciplinary thought experiment and multi-local art exhibition exploring a fictional scenario of climate change.