Dennis Bonilla

Dennis Bonilla serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Variable Labs, Inc. With nearly two decades of technology experience, Dennis has helped create data visualization and collaboration systems for NASA and other U.S. agencies, and has supported committees advising President Barack Obama about options for future human spaceflight. Prior to joining Variable Labs, Dennis supported NASA, specializing in simulation design, data visualization, and digital strategy for the NASA Office of the Chief Technologist, Space Technology Mission Directorate, and Human Exploration Operations Mission Directorate.

At Variable Labs, Dennis is helping create training systems which produce measurable change through immersive virtual reality experiences. Variable Labs specializes in VR software development and soft-skills training, and has developed experiences for Fortune 500 companies and organizations such as Google, Facebook, and the United Nations.

Dennis has spoken on space and science at SXSWi, IGN HQ, Phoenix Comicon, the ONA Annual Conference, and Star Wars Celebration, and has collaborated with the Center for Science and the Imagination on projects exploring science fiction and the future.