Joshua Gigantino

Headshot of Josh Gigantino

Graduate Research Assistant

Joshua Gigantino is a designer, entrepreneur and technologist focused on applying industrial design research to high technology fields and applying high technology practices to other fields, through what he calls “open-sourcing outer space.” His interests include human factors and body mapping, sustainability, human-machine interfaces, programmable matter, electronics, commercial space development, and anthropology, as well as transdisciplinarity and technical arts including video, animation, 3D scanning, personal fabrication, and micro-manufacturing.

Josh is a PhD student at Arizona State University, has founded two startups (PostcardsToSpace and Little Giant Design Studio), and is currently developing an MIT-compliant FabLab in Tempe, Arizona. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Open Media from the Massachusetts College of Art and a Master of Science in Design in New Product Innovation from ASU.