Kathryn Cramer

Kathryn Cramer lives in Westport, NY. She is an editor of Project Hieroglyph, inspired by Neal Stephenson and sponsored by the Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University. Her story “Am I Free to Go?” was published by Tor.com in December 2012.

She is a writer, critic, and anthologist who co-edited the Year’s Best Fantasy and Year’s Best SF series with David G. Hartwell. Her most recent historical anthologies include The Space Opera Renaissance and The Hard SF Renaissance, both co-edited with Hartwell. Their previous hard SF anthology was The Ascent of Wonder(1994).

Kathryn was the P. Schuyler Miller Critic Guest of Honor at Confluence 2008 in Pittsburgh, PA. She won a World Fantasy Award for best anthology for The Architecture of Fear co-edited with Peter Pautz; she was nominated for a World Fantasy Award for her anthology, Walls of Fear. She also co-edited several anthologies of Christmas and fantasy stories with Hartwell.

She was a runner-up for the Pioneer Award for best essay on SF of the year, and is on the editorial board of The New York Review of Science Fiction, for which she has been nominated for the Hugo Award many times. John Clute has called her criticism “spiky” and “erudite.”

She is a consultant for L. W. Currey, Inc., an antiquarian bookseller and for five years, consulted for Wolfram Research, a mathematical software company. She is co-owner of an apple orchard in Westport, NY.