Leopoldo Gout

Black and White photo of Leopoldo Gout standing with his arms crossed and a wall full of sticky notes behind him

Leopoldo Gout  is an artist, writer and filmmaker who was born in Mexico City and studied visual art Saint Martin’s School of Art in London. He has shown his work in galleries and museums all over the world. He has written, packaged, published and developed books for more than a decade, both under his own name with several major publishers (Genius, Ghost Radio, Monarca, Piñata) and published other writers under his own imprint with Atria / Simon & Schuster: Leopoldo & Co (Dahlia Black, The Eyes of the Queen, Scarlet Letters). Leopoldo was co-president of the James Patterson Entertainment company for many years producing films, videogames, new media & television. He is the author of Piñata (Tor), Monarca (Harper ONE), among other books. With his brother Everardo, he is the show-runner for American Jesus (The Chosen One) for Netflix / Mark Millar, and he is the creator of No Man’s Land (Starz), among numerous other film and television projects.

Fellows Project: Genius