Stefania Metzger

Stefania Metzger is a doctoral student in Learning, Literacies and Technologies at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. Stefania earned her master’s degree in Counseling at the University of Arizona and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Minnesota. Prior to becoming a PhD student, Stefania worked as a junior scientist in a neuroscience lab researching learning, behavior, and addiction at the University of Minnesota.
Stefania is currently a research assistant with the SMiLES team at ASU, studying student engagement and motivation in mathematics. Stefania is also a research assistant for the UbiCoS project at the Center for Science and the Imagination, where she studies learners’ help-giving strategies, motivation, and engagement. Stefania aspires to conduct research exploring the self-efficacy, motivation, and belongingness of mathematics students, and how these constructs mediate future decisions to pursue mathematic-related careers.