Intel ISEF 2013: Young scientists and the wonder of discovery

Intel’s International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) was held in our very own Phoenix Convention Center this year! ISEF is an annual event that brings the best and brightest young people from all over the world together under one roof. From the outside, I imagine this sounds like nothing short of a celebration of innovation […]

ASU Imagination Project: Join us!

Friends! Students! Creators! Consider this your invitation to join the ASU Imagination Project (the CSI student group). I’m here to provide some updates on what we’ve been working on during our first year, and a preview of the incredible projects we have on deck for part two. The Imagination Project expands on CSI’s events, projects […]

iRobot, youRobot

At this point in time, Jacques de Vaucanson is basically a household name, synonymous with innovation in the year 1738. Right? Anybody? Alright, so maybe I overestimated the importance of the first mechanical duck with digesting abilities ever built. Consider Vaucanson’s creation, and how radical it must have seemed, with only da Vinci preceding him […]

Beautiful Disasters

Robert Krulwich, NPR Science Friday correspondent and RadioLab contributor, recently shared a blog post about the phenomenon of ice crystals forming in the shape of flowers in the arctic waters. As he says, “the sea, literally, blossoms.” Aside from the clear metaphorical and poetic implications, these frigid flowers indicate a much broader theme of the […]