Celebrate William Shakespeare’s birthday with Doctor Who! Join us for a screening of the episode “The Shakespeare Code” and a conversation about time travel, the Elizabethan era, TARDIS, Time Lords and how we can’t save the world without good stories. The conversation will be moderated by Ed Finn, director of the Center for Science and […]

Where do our ideas about the imagination come from? What role has imaginative exploration played in the history of science? And how have scientists guarded against the imagination’s radical creative chaos? Modern ideas about the imagination were powerfully shaped during the Romantic Era in 19th century Europe. Romantic poets, scientists and philosophers conceived of the […]

This informal presentation and conversation with Uri Aviv, General Director of Utopia: The Tel Aviv International Festival for Science, Imagination and Future Visions, will celebrate science fiction as a laboratory for big visionary ideas, and examine the intricate and mutually inspirational relationship between science and science fiction. Science fiction filmmakers, authors and designers explore the […]