Lena Nguyen

Lena Nguyen

Lena Nguyen is a senior with Arizona State University’s Barrett, the Honors College and is pursuing two degrees: one in English: Creative Writing and the other in Political Science. She is currently working on her honors thesis, a novel-length science fiction manuscript, and will have a short story published next year in the book Recreating […]

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Screenshot from the game Skyrim, showing an armored man standing atop a rocky hilltop

Review: The Art of Video Games exhibit

More and more, however, respect for video games has been growing. As the average gamer ages, awareness of the potential for games to enhance cognitive functions and even improve the world has similarly developed. But acknowledgement of their potent artistic power has been somewhat more elusive. And so it was with great exultation that your author received news of The Art of Video Games exhibition opening at the Phoenix Art Museum. Finally, the time had come to put away childish things and embrace video games in all their glory.

Elysium Review: Technology

Elysium isn’t as strong of a social commentary as director Neill Blomkamp’s last science fiction venture, District 9, but it still has something to teach us, in a heavy-handed sort of way. Beware: spoilers ahead. The setting of Elysium is dystopian. However, due to the existence of the titular, off-world habitat, the dystopia is less […]

Zachary Heth E.T. mashup

Zachary Heth

Zachary is currently pursuing degrees in Molecular Biosciences,  Biotechnology and Political Science at ASU. Zachary is involved heavily at ASU, in the community and in many fields of research – including exploring classic and contemporary science fiction at the Center for Science and the Imagination. He is the co-founder of a local zine called Elephants […]

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CyberSenses Light Graffiti and sensor prototypes

CyberSenses at the Digital Culture Gallery

On Saturday, July 13, the CyberSenses group opened a display at ASU’s Digital Culture Gallery as part of the ASU Art Museum’s Family Fun Day. CyberSenses, an initiative of the Imagination Project, is a series of workshops seeking to explore the developing networks of interaction between people and technology. Using low-cost electronics, multi-functional microcontrollers and […]

Does Bluetooth have a future?

Science fiction films and books often feature prototypes of future technology, and in many cases these predictions have proved to spot-on. One of my favorite Ray Bradbury novels, Fahrenheit 451 (published in 1953), predicted a number of technological advances including the Bluetooth earpiece. As we’ve learned from Bradbury and other canonical science fiction authors, advanced […]

The First of the Geohackers

Last October, the Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation dumped an estimated one hundred tonnes of iron sulphate into international waters off the coast of British Columbia. The stated goal of the project was to reinvigorate the region’s ailing salmon fishing industry: the algal bloom resulting from the influx of iron would lead to an explosion in […]