A Delocalized Energy Future

Month: January 2013

Nevada Solar One Power Plant

A Delocalized Energy Future

Faced with global and local catastrophe in the form of widespread climate change, the coming century will be defined, of necessity, by a transition away from a fossil-fuel based economy.

Center for Science and the Imagination students predict the future

Sermon for Science and the Imagination

My wife and I attended a Christmas Eve service in an Episcopalian Church. We’re not religious, but we grew up steeped in various religious traditions and nostalgically love to hear

Mobile technology today and tomorrow


Thinking Outside the Box (and Offscreen Too!)

Sometimes we get the urge to reach into a screen and grab whatever object is on the “other side.” This is just one of the many things you can do

Celebrate National Science Fiction Day by Learning To Live in the Future

By Ed Finn It’s 2013, people—we are living in the future. Since the news is still awash with problems we created for ourselves decades or centuries ago (the permanent fiscal crisis, gun control, the political powder-keg that is the Middle East), it may have escaped your notice that today is also National Science Fiction Day.