Inventive Education: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Fragmented Knowledge

Month: March 2013

Inventive Education: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Fragmented Knowledge

There is a current shift in education and a new direction that universities are taking to prepare students for a post-digital revolution world. In a technologically bound and dependent culture,


Knitting: Not Just for Your Grandma

New technologies are making it easier to communicate with loved ones who do not live very close. After years of birthdays, Christmas, and Weed Appreciation Day (come on, don’t act

Bruce Sterling in Laser-Cut Hoodie

Bruce Sterling Talks Emerge and CSI at SXSW Interactive

Each year at SXSW Interactive in Austin, TX, science fiction author, design critic and CSI Visionary in Residence Bruce Sterling delivers an epic state-of-the-planet rant, challenging the tech industry and

Lego Astronauts

Spring Sci-Fi Event Supercluster!

CSI and our partners are lighting up Tempe with a cavalcade of exciting science fictional events over the next couple of weeks! We hope you can join the festivities: Science

Space Travel: My Experience in the Realm Between Science and Fiction

On March 7 the Center for Science and the Imagination and ASU’s School of Arts, Media and Engineering hosted filmmaker and photographer Ilana Rein. In this talk, Ilana presents a

Maximilian with Robot Zombie Scarecrow

iRobot, youRobot

At this point in time, Jacques de Vaucanson is basically a household name, synonymous with innovation in the year 1738. Right? Anybody? Alright, so maybe I overestimated the importance of

Grandma and Willie

IDK, My BFF Rose?: What I Learned from Skyping with My Grandma

Science fiction luminary and activist Cory Doctorow had many moments of brilliance during his visit to the Cronkite School last month (catch a video of the event here!). During his discussion

Bruce Sterling in Laser-Cut Hoodie

Bruce Sterling sports laser-cut ASU hoodie at SXSW

CSI Visionary in Residence and Emerge provocateur Bruce Sterling delivered the closing remarks at the SXSW Interactive festival in Austin, TX last night, and we were proud to see him sporting his

Are Cyborg Humans (and Animals) Still True Life Forms? A Future Tense Panel Recap.

By Adam Sneed Cyborgs have arrived on Earth, but there’s no reason to worry. They’re nothing like the cold machine-men from The Terminator. Cybernetic technologies that integrate with the human

Attack of the Crab Monsters

The Pain of Progress

So, it turns out, crabs can probably feel pain. And not just nociception, which can be just the mechanical reaction to a noxious stimulus – like when you pull your


2012 and Space Exploration

We are already two months into the year 2013, but I think reflections on the past year are still beneficial. 2012 was a surprisingly big year for space exploration, and