Annual Report 2013-14

Month: July 2014

Annual Report 2013-14

Our center’s progress for the year 2013-14.

Margaret Atwood, by Jean Malek

Author Margaret Atwood to discuss creative writing, science at ASU

This article originally appeared in ASU News. Internationally renowned novelist and environmental activist Margaret Atwood will visit Arizona State University this November to discuss the relationship between art and science,

The Diamond Age

The Diamond Age: Technology

Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age (1995) has had a significant impact on many people; not only is it one of the precursors to the Center for Science and the Imagination, but

The Refurbished Me

“Who wants to live forever?” The late, great lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury, crooned. “Well, I wouldn’t mind the option.” I responded flatly, the guy parking his car at

Images from the EVOKE pilot graphic novel

CSI partners with World Bank on science fiction, gaming and social innovation

The Center for Science and the Imagination is partnering with the World Bank to create a series of stories and artwork to integrate into an online game, EVOKE, designed to get young people in the developing world involved in social innovation and civic engagement.