Frankenstein game teaches kids about science

Month: January 2018

Frankenstein game teaches kids about science

Erin Blakemore
Washington Post

Annual Report 2017/18

Digital cartoon drawn Image from the short story The Minnesota Diet. Four people watching a woman smash a whole into a wall with a hammer.

Future Tense Fiction: The Minnesota Diet

A new short story from the author of the Nebula Award–winning All the Birds in the Sky, Charlie Jane Anders.

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Frankenstein 200: America’s science museums celebrate the bicentennial of Mary Shelley’s Frankestein with a free, amazing transmedia experience


Ed Finn on the set of Horizon.

ASU’s newly-published collection of sci-fi stories has people talking about space

Horizon Arizona PBS

NPR Logo

Man as God: ‘Frankenstein’ Turns 200

Marcelo Gleiser NPR – 13.7 Cosmos and Culture

Logo for Science Friday: the letters “sci” in white, and the letters “FRI” in gold, against a dark red background..

Sci Fri Book Club: ‘Frankenstein’

Science Friday