AI in Digital Culture

This program aims to foster a transdisciplinary environment where humanities and STEM students can think critically, engage, and interact with technical and social constructions of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and systems. This certificate will focus on humanistic and socio-cultural engagement with AI with a core set of classes with complementary domain knowledge including Minds and Machines; Science Fiction, Creativity and Responsibility; and Algorithmic Reading. This program includes curriculum building, development of online modules, and community/partnership development for experiential learning opportunities.

Suren Jayasuriya Ph.D.
Edward Finn Ph.D.
Xin Wei Sha Ph.D.

Course Developer
Lein de Leon Yong


Minds and Machines

This course introduces students to the broad area of artificial intelligence and its intersections with various domains including cognitive science, symbolic logic and reasoning, philosophy of mind, science fiction literature, and data science. 

Reading the Algorithm

This course seeks to define the algorithm in terms of its cultural shadow, incorporating computational as well as philosophical understandings of how technical systems shape human activity to understand the stories we tell ourselves about algorithms.

Undergraduate Certificate

ASU certificate

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This curriculum was sponsored by the National Endowment of the Humanities award: AKB-279509-21

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