CyberSenses Light Graffiti and sensor prototypes

CyberSenses at the Digital Culture Gallery

On Saturday, July 13, the CyberSenses group opened a display at ASU’s Digital Culture Gallery as part of the ASU Art Museum’s Family Fun Day. CyberSenses, an initiative of the Imagination Project, is a series of workshops seeking to explore the developing networks of interaction between people and technology. Using low-cost electronics, multi-functional microcontrollers and […]

The First of the Geohackers

Last October, the Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation dumped an estimated one hundred tonnes of iron sulphate into international waters off the coast of British Columbia. The stated goal of the project was to reinvigorate the region’s ailing salmon fishing industry: the algal bloom resulting from the influx of iron would lead to an explosion in […]

Losing is “FUN”

Dwarf Fortress might be the greatest game in existence. I don’t mean to say that it is the most fun game in existence, though there’s plenty of fun involved. While addictive and exhilarating, Dwarf Fortress is not inherently more addictive and exhilarating than some other strategy games. It’s certainly not the most visually-appealing game either—indeed, […]

What is CyberSenses?

Is technology changing what it means to be human? Once the notion of a robotic hand was confined only to science fiction, a miraculous treatment only available to the likes of Luke Skywalker. However, what was once fiction is fast becoming reality. Everyday, researchers are discovering new ways to replace – and enhance – the […]

A Delocalized Energy Future

Faced with global and local catastrophe in the form of widespread climate change, the coming century will be defined, of necessity, by a transition away from a fossil-fuel based economy. The consequences of maintaining the status quo are too dire to be ignored. Weathering the climate crisis and building a sustainable future will require a […]