CyberSenses Light Graffiti and sensor prototypes

CyberSenses at the Digital Culture Gallery

On Saturday, July 13, the CyberSenses group opened a display at ASU’s Digital Culture Gallery as part of the ASU Art Museum’s Family Fun Day.

CyberSenses, an initiative of the Imagination Project, is a series of workshops seeking to explore the developing networks of interaction between people and technology. Using low-cost electronics, multi-functional microcontrollers and digital artwork, we are exploring myriad new and novel uses for existing technology.

At the gallery we unveiled prototypes for two of our in-progress endeavors. Our first project uses motion-activated sensors and hacked solar lanterns to create thought-provoking “Light Graffiti,” utilizing light to manipulate interactions with physical space.

Our second prototype is the first in a line of devices meant to examine the relationship between people and their environment. Using humidity and temperature sensors, we’ve programmed a series of LEDs to dynamically respond to changing environmental conditions.

The open house was a chance for people to interact directly with the results of our work. It was satisfying and rewarding to see members of the public, even whole families, testing and exploring the devices that we’ve created. But much of our progress is yet to come: we’re working on expanding our set of environmental sensors, creating devices that respond interactively to sound, light, and even air pollution. Some of our other projects CyberChess, Digital Dance and Functionalized Jewelry. We’re excited to share more of our work soon, so keep an eye on CSI’s blog, Imaginary Papers,  for updates.

In addition to the CyberSenses display, the Digital Culture Gallery features a number of fascinating interactive digital pieces. The gallery is recently opened, thoroughly underappreciated, and well worth a visit. It is located in Stauffer Hall, B-wing on ASU’s Tempe campus; check out the gallery’s website for hours.

For more information on the CyberSenses workshop and the Imagination Project student group, contact