Adrielle Munger Adrielle Munger - Adrielle Munger is currently completing her degree in English Literature from Arizona State University while writing her undergraduate thesis on the Faust Myth and the Internet. She hopes to pursue a Masters in Performance Studies after graduating in May, 2013.
Angela Kabasan Angela Kabasan - Angela is a senior majoring in psychology and English Literature graduating in December 2013. She is currently working on her honors thesis dealing with online creativity, validation, and productivity. She is a self-proclaimed technophile and is currently a writers’ studio fellow for ENG102 and TA for PSY323. She hopes to continue pursuing her education to […]
Carl Stevenson - Carl Stevenson is an undergraduate student studying electrical engineering at Arizona State University. He has always been fascinated by writers who attempt to envision the future and the problems we will need to face, and the advances in current technology that bring us further into those futures.
Headshot of Corey Pressman in black and white. Corey Pressman - Corey is a strategist, anthropologist, and futurist. As vice president of adaptive strategies at Fiction, he generates, manages, and works on projects with organizations and companies large and small to help them envision and enact human-centered communication and innovation. Corey is also a fellow of ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination, where he runs innovation workshops and develops classes on science fiction prototyping and futurism.
Eric Anderson Eric Anderson - Eric Anderson  graduated from ASU in 2013 with a BA in Sustainability and a focus on sustainable societies. He now resides in Pennsylvania, and is preparing for a graduate degree in Communications and the Humanities. Eric hopes to address the toughest sustainability challenges by analyzing human culture and psychology, and by applying theory through communication […]
Grayson Stanton Grayson Stanton - Grayson Stanton is currently a civil and sustainable engineering undergraduate student at Arizona State University. He has also studied music, sustainability and writing at ASU, though he does hope to graduate eventually. He has participated in the Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative (FURI) and Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS), and is a member of the […]
Janett Salas Janett Salas - Janett Salas is a Filmmaking Practices major at Arizona State University. Her main focus is screenwriting but she also has a passion for documentaries. She would love to use her work to raise awareness about vegetarianism, veganism, poverty and equality. Check out Janett’s personal blog where she discusses all of these topics and more. Email: jsalas7 […]
Jason Scott Krell Jason Krell - Jason Krell is a graduate of the University of Arizona (BA in Creative Writing and Italian) who now works for as a researcher and at ASU’s School of Life Sciences, making sure the students and faculty are recognized for their amazing research. His goals are as ambitious as they are lofty, and he hopes […]
Kayla Elizondo Kayla Elizondo - Kayla Elizondo is a graduate student at Arizona State University, specializing in digital media and literacy. As an undergrad, she studied English and worked as a writing tutor; during her time as a tutor, she realized that students were not being stimulated enough by traditional writing techniques and requirements. In her graduate program, Kayla is […]
Kraig Farkash Kraig Farkash - Kraig is a recovering artist, sometimes wordsmith and borderline curmudgeon. The fact that he’s penning this bio in third person isn’t helping with the latter – at all. Anyway, Kraig holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Intermedia from Arizona State University, where he’s currently enrolled within the Graduate College. Kraig ultimately strives to leave […]
Lena Nguyen Lena Nguyen - Lena Nguyen is a senior with Arizona State University’s Barrett, the Honors College and is pursuing two degrees: one in English: Creative Writing and the other in Political Science. She is currently working on her honors thesis, a novel-length science fiction manuscript, and will have a short story published next year in the book Recreating […]
Nate Johnson - Nate Johnson is a PhD candidate in bioethics at the Center for Biology and Society within the School of Life Sciences at ASU. He studies popular science communication and evolutionary and neuroscientific approaches to traditionally humanities-oriented disciplines such as religion and ethics.
Raji Ganesan Raji Ganesan - Raji Ganesan is a freshman computer science student exploring minors in French and Digital Culture at Barrett, The Honors College here at the Tempe campus of ASU. Her passion for writing developed from an already established affinity for reading (it might have been the other way around; she’s not sure). Raji had been racking her […]
Seth Herron Seth Herron - Seth Herron is a dual master’s student in Sustainability and Environmental Engineering at Arizona State University, with research interests in the water/energy nexus, trade in virtual water, and the design of subsidy schemes for new energy technologies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in film from Northwestern University.
Zach Berkson - Zach Berkson a recent graduate of the Chemical Engineering program at ASU. He is interested in sustainability and renewable energy, and has spent the last two years in Dr. Jean Andino’s atmospheric chemistry lab, where he works on reaction engineering of the light-activated catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to fuel. Zach is also the founder […]
Zach Yentzer Zach Yentzer - Zach Yentzer is a senior political science student at Arizona State University, emphasizing international development and global studies. He recently returned from a year in Kosovo, where he collaborated with civil society, the technology sector, and policymakers there on an initiative to bring sustainable wind power to Kosovo’s rural farmers. His focus is on bridging […]
Zachary Heth E.T. mashup Zachary Heth - Zachary is currently pursuing degrees in Molecular Biosciences,  Biotechnology and Political Science at ASU. Zachary is involved heavily at ASU, in the community and in many fields of research – including exploring classic and contemporary science fiction at the Center for Science and the Imagination. He is the co-founder of a local zine called Elephants […]

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