Screenshot from the game Outer Wilds, showing a first-person view of a small round planet in the foreground, and a bright star in the background, from a spaceship cockpit.

CSI Skill Tree: Outer Wilds (Online)

Event Details

In the CSI Skill Tree series, we examine and celebrate how video games envision possible futures, build rich and thought-provoking worlds, and engage people as active participants in unfolding and interpreting stories.

In this event, we’ll take a close look at Outer Wilds (2019), a critically acclaimed immersive mystery-adventure game about unraveling the mysteries of a solar system caught in a time loop. The game opens up questions about why we venture into space, how space exploration shapes our societies, the shifting meanings of experimentation, risk, and scientific discovery, and the ethical quandaries of expanding beyond our planets of origin.

Our guests are Randy Smith, a video game director and designer known for his work on the Thief series, Waking Mars, and superbrother’s JETT: The Far Shore, and Luc Riesbeck, a space policy research analyst at Astroscale who focuses on issues of space sustainability.

The conversation will be hosted live on Zoom, and is free and open to everyone—register today!