Jad Abumrad holding a light bulb

Emerge 2015: The Future of Choices and Values

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Dancing robots. Google Glass theatre. Wearable electronic utopias. Cameras that record in deep time for 100 years. Fine art created by algorithms. Emerge is a festival of artistic and scientific visitations from the future featuring performance, improvisation, games, dance, hands-on opportunities to design and build the future, and a multimedia performance by  Radiolab co-creator Jad Abumrad!

The theme for Emerge 2015 is “The Future of Choices and Values.” How do we decide what futures we want? What do those choices say about our values as a civilization?

To learn more about all of our visitations from the future, and to see an event schedule, check out emerge.asu.edu/2015-visitations

Free valet parking will be available on site. Learn more at emerge.asu.edu.

Download the Emerge 2015 press release