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Imagined Realities: STEM Learning and New Media

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Part of the 7th Annual Arizona SciTech Kickoff Conference: Building Arizona’s STEM Ecosystem

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Today’s students are savvy media consumers, engaging with entertainment, advertising, and games in novel and surprising ways. Our educational materials should reflect the skills and literacies of audiences raised in immersive story worlds like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Harry Potter. In this panel, Bob Beard of ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination, Steve Peters of No Mimes Media, and Dennis Bonilla of Variable Labs will discuss how they use tools like Virtual Reality and Alternate Reality Games to encourage critical thinking and meaningful engagement with STEM topics.


  • Dennis Bonilla, Chief Technology Officer, Variable Labs
  • Steve Peters, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, No Mimes Media
  • Bob Beard, Public Engagement Strategist, Center for Science and the Imagination

Moderator: Joey Eschrich, Editor and Program Manager, Center for Science and the Imagination