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Imagining the Future in Wales

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Free event – RSVP today! Lunch will be served

In 2015, the Welsh government enacted the pioneering ‘Well-Being of Future Generations Act,’ a piece of legislation which could be considered indicative of an emerging political interest in intergenerational ethics worldwide. Against this backdrop, and drawing on ongoing PhD research, this talk will explore how socio-environmental futures are imagined by people engaged in sustainability projects in Wales and what kinds of narratives about the future those projects convey. If our images of the future help to set in motion the kinds of futures we actually create, an intriguing question is, then: “whose mirrors, and which magnifying glasses will we use?” (Castree, 2013).

Anna Pigott is a PhD candidate in Human Geography at Swansea University, UK. She has a degree in Geography from Cambridge University and an MSc in Climate Change and Environmental Dynamics. Before starting her PhD, Anna worked in various contexts for environmental sustainability organizations and as an outdoor educator and guide. She is currently spending three months with the Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative (Arizona State University) as a visiting scholar, funded by the ESRC Wales Doctoral Training Centre, UK.

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