Ed Finn joins The Conversation podcast

Our director Ed Finn is the latest thought leader to be featured on The Conversation, a podcast series created by radio producer Aengus Anderson, Google Ontologist Micah Saul and historian Neil Prendergast. The Conversation “explores visions of the future and questions of the good” through a series of long, unstructured conversations with thinkers and doers of all stripes. The Conversation’s creators describe the project as what you would get if you rolled “an audio documentary, dinner party, and digital humanities project into a giant media-burrito,” which sums it up much more eloquently than I ever could.

In this episode Ed talks with Aengus Anderson about whether we are making enough time for people to dream in our ever-accelerating society, and whether storytelling and thoughtful optimism can help us to transform the future and realize our most ambitious hopes.

Bonus: Ed explains the phenomenon of segmented sleep, which is a thought-provoking revelation about human history and our changing relationship with time and nature. Check out the podcast to learn more, and visit The Conversation to listen to the entire series for free!