Exosuits Allow for Super Strength, Enhanced Precision

From the load lifter in Aliens to the Human Universal Load Carrier in Elysium, robotic super-suits have a serious fan base in science fiction culture. And what’s not to love? Amplified strength, increased speed and enhanced articulation are super skills that anyone would dream of having.

Exosuits are not only possible; they have been in development since 1890!

Though recent models are mostly used for military exploration, including the XOS Exoskeleton designed by Sarcos and Raytheon, the intention is to create suits for civilian use as well. Hal 5, created by Cyberdyn, is a medical exosuit used solely for assisting people with disabilities. With the rapid pace technological development, it may not be long before you can have an exosuit of your own stashed in your closet at home.

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Image courtesy of Ekso Bionics, used under CC BY 2.0 license.