Fish Out of Water: Featuring Dr. Dan Collins

Can a dancer conduct research for exosuits? Can a synthetic biologist create drawings that would make Rembrandt jealous? Surely the great Leonardo Da Vinci could not be the only genius in history to dabble in the worlds of art, mathematics, engineering and literature.

Fish Out of Water is an experimental webseries that I created as part of an Individualized Instruction course for the Spring 2014 semester. I wanted to investigate what new ideas and challenges would surface if experts in particular fields were challenged to think deeply about topics outside of their areas of expertise, and to engage in activities outside of their comfort zones.

This pilot episode features Dan Collins, the co-director of the PRISM lab and a professor in the School of Art at Arizona State University. Watch what happens when this 3D sculpture artist is invited to step into the shoes (or in this case, a lab coat) of a cognitive scientist.