Digital Culture Showcase, December 2013. Photos by Sean Deckert.

Review: Digital Culture Showcase

On Friday, December 6 2013, ASU’s School of Arts, Media and Engineering hosted the Digital Culture Showcase. The event featured unique and interactive projects created by students in the Digital Culture program.

Students were encouraged to design projects and installations ranging from immersive environments and functioning prototypes to animated short films. For example, Digital Culture students Alexa Boccieri and Morgan Waters collaborated to create Digital Symphonic Conducting. Their system used motion capture devices and Processing programming language to create stunning visual elements and a beautiful musical composition at the wave of the user’s hands. The event also featured laser harps, custom website designs, student-made Xbox 360 games and 3D printed models.

If you happened to miss this semester’s showcase and are still on the lookout for creative innovation, do not fret. More exciting projects and workshops will be unveiled at the Spring 2014 Digital Culture Showcase, and you can visit the Digital Culture Gallery to see the latest exciting work from Digital Culture students and faculty. Also, don’t forget to stay tuned for the highly anticipated Emerge 2014!

Photo provided courtesy of Sean Deckert.