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Veterans Imagination Project Community Workshops

Learn new skills to navigate your transition and define your post-service success.

Arizona STEM Acceleration Project

Arizona STEM Acceleration Project (ASAP) is a new initiative transforming how Arizona’s K-12 educators deliver high-quality, hands-on STEM activities to our state’s future leaders.

Hear From Past Participants

How VIP Can Change Your Trajectory

The Applied Sci-Fi Project

The Applied Sci-Fi Project, made possible by support from the Sloan Foundation, is an event series and research project that brings together science fiction writers, futurists, scholars, and technologists to

EVOKE: The Collaborative Process

EVOKE: The Collaborative Process from Science & the Imagination on Vimeo.

Want to change the future? Start with a great story. EVOKE is a massive multi-player online educational game that uses narrative to help players develop 21st century skills and drive collaborative innovation.

Bob and Erik sitting on a TV set

Helping veterans transition to civilian careers

Program Director Bob Beard and former participant Erik Villegas appear on Arizona PBS to explain more about the methods used and why thinking about the future can be a helpful tool in military to civilian transition.

Imaginary Papers: Issue 12

Zoyander Street, Jason Tashea & Joey Eschrich

Applied Imagination Fellows Project Report: Ian Edwards

Applied Imagination Fellows Project Report: Sultan Sharrief

Applied Imagination Fellows Project Report: Panthea Lee

Applied Imagination Fellows Project Report: Regina Kanyu Wang

Applied Imagination Fellows Project Report: ImagiNasi by Benjamin Ong

Fabrice Guerrier

This episode of Imagination Desk features Fabrice Guerrier. In this conversation, Fabrice discusses how he uses imagination, and how imagination can be used to create better social futures.

Laura Tohe

This episode of the Imagination Desk features Laura Tohe, poet laureate of the Navajo Nation for 2015-2019, discussing how imagination informs her work and how it is used in both the poetry community and Indigenous communities. 

Corey Pressman

This episode of Imagination Desk features Corey Pressman. In this conversation, Corey discusses what applied imagination means to him, his work, and the future.

Lisa K. Solomon

This episode of Imagination Desk features Lisa Kay Solomon. In this conversation, Lisa discusses different applications of design thinking and futures thinking, and incorporating creativity and imagination into interdisciplinary fields and everyday life.

Annual Report 2021/22

Center for Science and the Imagination Annual Report 2021-22 PDF Annual Report 2021-22 EPUB

A collage art piece with the following text on the image: Image description Collage art piece, an aerial view of an island made up of paper stained green with descriptive text cut into short phrases printed from a typewriter onto parchment-like paper. The island is surrounded by multiple rings of ink on watercolor paper

The Island, by Elsa Sjunneson

A story about ability and disability, journalism, and creating adaptable communities.

The text “Imaginary Papers 11” over a multicolored folded paper sculpture

Imaginary Papers: Issue 11

Lafayette Cruise, Azucena Castro & Joey Eschrich

Sympathy, by Suyi Davies Okungbowa

A story by Suyi Davies Okungbowa about children, robots, and bureaucracy.

A paint and paper collage of a wrought iron fence over grass transitioning to tall sunflowers over rich brown soil.

University, Speaking, by Phoebe Wagner

A story by Phoebe Wagner about reimagining universities as radically open to their communities, and better attuned to addressing local challenges.

Becoming Birch, by Carter Meland

A story by Carter Meland about rock music, unexpected connections, and northern Minnesota forests.