Solar Tomorrows

Weight of Light

The Weight of Light: A Collection of Solar Futures: A collection of short stories (about 5000 words apiece), brief essays (1500-2500 words), and original illustrations about the transition to clean energy, with a particular focus on how transforming our energy system will also transform politics and culture. The collection emphasizes that solar technologies can be planned, governed, and marketed in many different ways—so the choices we make about ownership, aesthetics, economics, and community involvement will profoundly shape the future. The stories were created by groups comprising science fiction authors, social scientists, and energy scientists and engineers from the Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies Research Center at Arizona State University. Free to download in a variety of digital formats; also available to purchase as a print-on-demand book.

Cities of Light

Cities of Light: A Collection of Solar Futures: A collection of science fiction stories, art, and essays exploring how the transition to solar energy will transform cities; catalyze revolutions in politics, governance, and culture; and create diverse futures for human communities. Cities of Light emphasizes that the design of solar energy matters in shaping the future of urban communities and considers how each city’s geographic and social features, along with the arc of its particular local history, create unique challenges and opportunities as we work collectively to design more equitable energy futures.

Solar Tomorrows Lesson Plan Grade 9-12

A Slice of Life in 2050: A Sci-Fi Documentary Discussion about Possible Solar-Powered Futures

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