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Honorable Mention: 2018 Semifinalists

We want to congratulate our semifinalists for the 2018 Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest—we had an incredible pool of submissions, and the judging process was quite tough!

  • Mike Barretta, “Crocodile Hunter”
  • Santiago Belluco, “Dragonfly Memorial”
  • Eric Bosarge, “The Seventh Strand”
  • Joseph Carrabis, “Sanctuary”
  • Kelly Cowley, “Last March for Planet Earth”
  • Kate Davis, “London: Certainty Suspended”
  • Sarah Dovi, “The Language of Buildings”
  • K.C. Finn, “Sixty-Five Days of Night”
  • Roberta Gibson, “Earth Mother”
  • Jo Harline, “Comes a Dust Storm!”
  • Shashi Kadapa, “The Nomad Shepherd”
  • Samantha Leach, “Roe, Not Rose”
  • Petula Miller, “Hunger Has a Name”
  • Sam Nelson, “Last Bloom”
  • Sonal Sher, “Weekly Maintenance”
  • Benjamin Thomas, “Silent Songs”
  • Rere Ukponu, “My Mama Was a Soldier”
  • JK Ullrich, “Dark Roast”
  • Shanan Wolfe, “MINERVA”
  • Sherrida Woodley, “Katglove”
  • Jeremy Zentner, “Breaking Continuity”

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