5 Burning Questions: Tom Leveen

Tom Leveen

5 Burning Questions: Tom Leveen

In this episode of 5 Burning Questions, we interview young adult fiction author Tom Leveen, whose most recent novel “SICK” was launched at Arizona State University’s Tempe campus on October 1st, 2013.

The book cover of Sick by Tom Leveen, depicting a horde of zombies converging on a small group of humans

Guest post: Zombies, violence and kids

This is a guest post from young adult author and ASU student Tom Leveen. Tom will be launching his new novel, Sick, at ASU’s Tempe campus on October 1. To

“Sick” Book Launch: October 1

Young adult author Tom Leveen talks about his upcoming novel SICK, his first ever science fiction novel, in which high school misfits must fend off a zombie apocalypse in the school theater. Leveen also discusses the book’s launch, which will take place on ASU’s Old Main building on the Tempe campus on October 1st, 2013 at 1:45PM. The event will feature lectures from ASU scholars, book signings, and a zombie romp.