Postcards from the Future

The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson* 

*(no, you don’t have to read it first)

It’s 2030, and we’ve achieved TED Countdown’s goal of cutting greenhouse emissions in half. You’re still you: how did you and your industry, sector or community pull it off? Grab a postcard and complete this short exercise to share your positive vision of the future and inspire change today.


Think back to 2021-2022, what was one small step that had a big impact in reducing emissions?


What was a great leap that built momentum to create meaningful systematic change?


What was, or is, a victory condition that shows us that meaningful change has occurred, and is continuing to unfold?

Who needs to get this message? Address your postcard to someone who couldn’t be here at TED Countdown, a colleague or friend, or even yourself. No postage required, just stick in our magic postbox and we will mail it for you!