Hollywood Leaves Earth Behind

Month: April 2013

Earth from Space

Hollywood Leaves Earth Behind

In 2013, with blockbuster titles like After Earth, Elysium and Oblivion, Hollywood science fiction has become enamored with the concept of humans abandoning Earth. What can we learn from this

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Summer Research Opportunities at CSI

CSI is looking for two student researchers to join our team for the summer, so check out the project descriptions below and bask in the warm glow of intellectual curiosity!

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What is eEcosphere?

Seth Herron is a graduate student at ASU studying sustainability and sustainable engineering, and a member of the Center for Science and the Imagination family. Seth is currently working with

Event Recap: Former Intel CEO Craig R. Barrett on the Future of Moore’s Law

By Sarah Rothbard This post originally appeared on Zócalo Public Square. Zócalo Public Square is a partnership of the New America Foundation and Arizona State University; Future Tense is a

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The Geopolitics of Climate Change

We’ve all seen them; the movies that predict what it will be like when global warming takes over the planet and wreaks havoc on Earth. In The Day After Tomorrow,

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Help Neal Stephenson Engineer the Weird and Create a New World of Sci-Fi

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Van Gogh’s Role in Space Exploration and Other Great Tales of Science

By Torie Bosch Science panels don’t normally involve a striptease, even a G-rated one. But on Saturday, March 30, Neil deGrasse Tyson took off his shirt to prove a point