CSI visits Duke’s Futures Institute

Month: June 2013

CSI visits Duke’s Futures Institute

Last month I braved the stormy waters of the internet to teach a guest lesson at Duke University’s Futures Institute: Shaping Tomorrow Now, a summer experience for high school students


Does Bluetooth have a future?

Science fiction films and books often feature prototypes of future technology, and in many cases these predictions have proved to spot-on. One of my favorite Ray Bradbury novels, Fahrenheit 451

Countering Dystopian Science Fiction’s ‘Wet Blanket Effect’ on Innovation


Information as Infection, Part I: Going Viral

Caution: if you are reading this, there’s a good chance you’re going to be infected. Each sentence, like a coded strand of nucleotides, adds to the structure of thought-DNA that

Annual Report 2012-13

Download the 2012-13 Annual Report

Raji Ganesan at Intel ISEF 2013

Intel ISEF 2013: Young scientists and the wonder of discovery

Raji Ganesan sporting CSI’s official lab coat at Intel ISEF 2013 Intel’s International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) was held in our very own Phoenix Convention Center this year! ISEF


The First of the Geohackers

Last October, the Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation dumped an estimated one hundred tonnes of iron sulphate into international waters off the coast of British Columbia. The stated goal of the

The Spark of Imagination

This post originally appeared in The Huffington Post as part of their TEDWeekends series. The post is a response to Theo Jansen’s TED talk, “My creations, a new form of

Is There a Difference Between Necessary and Unnecessary Bad Science?

Space Battle by blaster219

It’s time for some new science fiction conventions

Just like any form of storytelling, science fiction has conventions that everyone immediately recognizes. They’re the kinds of tropes that have been around so long, they’re ingrained in our minds.

Imagination Project Graphic

ASU Imagination Project: Join us!

Friends! Students! Creators! Consider this your invitation to join the ASU Imagination Project (the CSI student group). I’m here to provide some updates on what we’ve been working on during