‘Frankenstein’ Has Become a True Monster

Month: December 2017

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‘Frankenstein’ Has Become a True Monster

Ed Finn and David H. Guston The Wall Street Journal

Photo of the inside of a space station with a ship and planet being seen outside of a large window.

Arizona State University challenges experts, authors to imagine space futures

New research-based collection features narratives by top science fiction authors, essays by experts on future possibilities for exploring Mars, Asteroids, Low Earth Orbit, and Exoplanets.

Out of Control

Richard Holmes
The New York Review of Books

Space Is Not a Void

By Joey Eschrich and Ed Finn
Future Tense – Slate

Artificial Intelligence Is Around the Corner. Educators Should Take Note

Michael Bennett
Education Week

Wired Magazine Logo

Visions, Ventures, Escape Velocities: A Collection of Space Futures

Bruce Sterling
Wired – Beyond the Beyond