On the left, an illustration of the Earth in a grid of dots and lines. On the right, tall, futuristic buildings shaped like trees, encased in greenery.

ClimateWorks: Can speculative fiction help us prepare for the future?

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As we imagine a climate future based on science and policy projections, fiction writers are increasingly imagining climate-impacted worlds of their own. These imagined futures might appear unbelievable or unsettling, but they can also be informative and open our minds to trends and influences from different angles in a more holistic vision of the future.

Join three award-winning authors of speculative fiction, Kim Stanley Robinson, Chinelo Onwualu, and Brenda Cooper, in a discussion about climate futures, moderated by the Ed Finn, founding director of Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination.

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Presented by the ClimateWorks Foundation, as part of their 2050 Today series