As the creeping destruction wrought by climate change escalates and political antagonism and public apathy deepen, finding the right story to catalyze change is more urgent than ever. Join ASU’s Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative for a talk with New York Times-bestselling author Kim Stanley Robinson, “The Comedy of Coping: Alarm and Resolve in Climate […]

Join us for this lecture by Kim Stanley Robinson, New York Times–bestselling author of the Mars Trilogy, 2312, New York 2140, and Galileo’s Dream, a time-bending novel that takes Galileo from the early 1600s to a human society on the moons of Jupiter in the year 3020. Although best remembered for his astronomy and the resulting clash with the […]

Emerge will transform ASU’s Galvin Playhouse into a rich, immersive experience grounded in space-science research and the inspirational vision of our Writer-at-Large, Kim Stanley Robinson. Come see, hear, touch and play the future in our unfolding story of human habitation beyond Planet Earth! On Saturday, March 17, be sure to join us for a special […]