Rezwana Islam


Rezwana Islam

Graduate Research Assistant

Headshot of Madeline Henderson

Madeline Henderson

Graduate Engagement Coordinator

Rizwan Virk

Graduate Research Associate

Linsey Wilt

Program Coordinator

Shahla Naraghi

Program Coordinator, Arizona STEM Acceleration Project

Bregje van Geffen

Graduate Research Assistant

Rachna Mathur

Graduate Research Assistant

Mike Vargas

Convergence Lead, Arizona STEM Acceleration Project

Amanda Whitehurst

Convergence Lead, Arizona STEM Acceleration Project

Brook Thompson

Brook Thompson is a Yurok and Karuk Native from Northern California. Brook fights for water and Native American rights through speaking to groups and frontline activism. Brook was the 2019

Melanie Valencia

Melanie Valencia is an Andean, originally from Ambato, Ecuador. She is currently pursuing her interdisciplinary PhD in circular economy from both economics and engineering perspectives. Her research focuses on the

Nandita Kumar

Nandita Kumar is a new-media artist who works at the intersection art, environmental science, technology, and community. She explores the elemental process through which human beings construct meaning from their

Aravind sits casually on a green bench in park wearing a blue t shirt and holding a camera. He dark hair and a beard and smiles directly at the camera.

Aravind Hari Nair

Content Specialist

Benjamin Ong

Applied Imagination Fellow, 2021-2022 Benjamin Ong is an ecologist by training, an educator by passion, and an explorer at heart. Between 2014 and 2019, he anchored volunteer engagement and environmental

Regina Kanyu Wang

Applied Imagination Fellow, 2021-2022 Regina Kanyu Wang is a writer, researcher, and editor, currently pursuing her PhD as part of the CoFUTURES project at the University of Oslo. Her research

Ian Edwards

Applied Imagination Fellow, 2021-2022 Ian Edwards is executive director of the Cape Cod Center for Sustainability, a registered nonprofit organization in Provincetown, Massachusetts that is focused on the question, “What’s

Sultan Sharrief

Applied Imagination Fellow, 2021-2022 Sultan Sharrief is a trans-media activist, filmmaker, and XR designer. He holds a BA in Film from University of Michigan, an MS in Comparative Media from

Panthea Lee

Applied Imagination Fellow, 2021-2022 Panthea Lee is a strategist, organizer, designer, and facilitator working for structural justice and collective liberation, and the executive director of Reboot. She builds healing coalitions

A white man with silver hair and glasses smiles at the camera wearing a dark navy suit and tie and a white shirt.

David J. Staley

 David J. Staley is an Associate Professor of History, with courtesy appointments in the Department of Design and the Department of Educational Studies at The Ohio State University.  He is the author of Alternative Universities: Speculative Design for Innovation in Higher Education,

Aleks Romano

Aleks Romano is a human-centered designer, eternal reimaginer, and incurable bookworm. Embodying the literary tradition of Octavia E. Butler and Ursula K. LeGuin, Aleks creates experiential learning workshops that challenge