Elysium Review: Technology

Month: August 2013

Elysium Review: Technology

Elysium isn’t as strong of a social commentary as director Neill Blomkamp’s last science fiction venture, District 9, but it still has something to teach us, in a heavy-handed sort

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Searching the Past for the Future

Have you ever wondered what people in the past thought the future would be like? What kinds of inventions they thought would revolutionize the way we live? When I look

ASU to Host Walking Dead Discussion of Zombies and Taxes

5 Burning Questions: Juan José Diaz Infante

In this episode of 5 Burning Questions, we talk with curator, photographer and poet Juan José Diaz Infante, mission director for the Mexican Space Collective. Learn more about the Mexican

Trees by Moyan Brenn

Bright Lights, Big Seedling

There is no denying that James Cameron created a fantastic world in his award-winning film Avatar. With magnificent animals, blinding colors and bioluminescent tree spirits, it is hard to believe


Towers Invading the Skies

When designing the world’s tallest skyscrapers, there are important factors that absolutely must be considered. What materials are needed to keep a 200-story building from collapsing? Can balconies and gardens

Exosuits Allow for Super Strength, Enhanced Precision

From the load lifter in Aliens to the Human Universal Load Carrier in Elysium, robotic super-suits have a serious fan base in science fiction culture. And what’s not to love?

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Resource for teachers: storytelling and the future

This summer and fall, we are teaming up with Intel’s Tomorrow Project and the Society for Science & the Public to present The Future – Powered by Fiction, a competition

Watching Star Wars in Navajo

This is a guest post from ASU professor of English Laura Tohe, writing about the July 3, 2013 unveiling of Star Wars: A New Hope dubbed into the Navajo language,

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Painted portrait of Mary Shelley

100 great science fiction stories written by women

Mary Shelley, the world’s first science fiction author. Portrait by Richard Rothwell, 1840. Yesterday one of our spectacular student researchers, Zac Heth, alerted us to this great blog post by

5 Burning Questions: Boyd Branch

In this episode of 5 Burning Questions, we talk with Boyd Branch.