The Spark of Imagination

This post originally appeared in The Huffington Post as part of their TEDWeekends series. The post is a response to Theo Jansen’s TED talk, “My creations, a new form of life,” about Jansen’s wind-powered mechanical beach-walkers, which he calls strandbeests. To learn more about Jansen and the strandbeests, watch the original TED talk and read […]

CSI ISEF Exhibit

CSI and Digital Culture at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

This week the Center for Science and the Imagination hosted a small exhibition at Intel ISEF, a global science and engineering student competition. ASU’s Digital Culture program provided the centerpiece and main attraction of our space, Rotary Tumble. Created by Muharrem Yildirim and David Tinapple, Rotary Tumble invites you in to peek under the hood […]

Celebrate National Science Fiction Day by Learning To Live in the Future

By Ed Finn
It’s 2013, people—we are living in the future. Since the news is still awash with problems we created for ourselves decades or centuries ago (the permanent fiscal crisis, gun control, the political powder-keg that is the Middle East), it may have escaped your notice that today is also National Science Fiction Day.