Losing is “FUN”

Month: May 2013

Annotated Dwarf Fortress

Losing is “FUN”

Annotated Dwarf Fortress map, courtesy of roBurky on Flickr.Used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license. Dwarf Fortress might be the greatest game in existence. I don’t mean to say that it

Bruce Sterling creates 21st century Petroglifs at CSI

During Emerge 2013: The Future of Truth this spring, CSI Visionary in Residence Bruce Sterling was hard at work with a team of collaborators at Arizona State University testing the limits of our rapid prototyping and fabrication facilities. The result of this whirlwind of creativity is an original exhibit of 21st century Petroglifs carved into native Arizona rock with laser cutters.

Cyborg in training

What is CyberSenses?

Image courtesy of CaZaTo Ma, used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license. So…not one of our cyborgs. Is technology changing what it means to be human? Once the notion of a

CSI ISEF Exhibit

CSI and Digital Culture at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

This week the Center for Science and the Imagination hosted a small exhibition at Intel ISEF, a global science and engineering student competition. ASU’s Digital Culture program provided the centerpiece

China Science and Technology Museum

Science Fiction in China

China Science and Technology Museum in Beijing The global profile of Chinese science fiction is on the rise: Liu Cixin’s trilogy Three-Body is a surprise hit among Chinese audiences, and this month’s issue

Cricket Salad

Hungry for Crickets?

Somewhere in London, a plucky group of engineer-restaurateurs are trying to trick you into eating bugs. The shadowy insect advocates behind Ento have vowed to make insects a staple of