5 Burning Questions: David Brin

Month: October 2013

5 Burning Questions: David Brin

In this episode of 5 Burning Questions, we talk with science fiction author, futurist, and scientist David Brin. Brin recently visited Arizona State University to discuss his newest novel, Existence, which discusses the future of humanity.

Poster for the film The Man from Earth

CSI Movie Review: The Man from Earth

The Man from Earth (Dir. Richard Schenkman, 2007) explores the idea of a 14,000-year-old “cave man” living throughout history until today. The plot centers on John Oldman (ahem), a university

5 Burning Questions: Tom Leveen

In this episode of 5 Burning Questions, we interview young adult fiction author Tom Leveen, whose most recent novel “SICK” was launched at Arizona State University’s Tempe campus on October 1st, 2013.

A Design Fiction Evening at IDEO

IDEO San Francisco, October 24, 2013. Speakers: Julian Bleecker and Nick Foster of Near Future Laboratory, Cliff Kuang, senior editor at WIRED, and James Bridle, a writer, artist, publisher and technologist


A Phone Designed to Last

Consumer technology does its best to make sure that products can be customized according to the taste of the user. But let’s be real for a moment. That brand new

Daniel Fine

Daniel Fine tells stories by manipulating moving images, puppets, text, actors, inanimate objects, and interactive technology. By combining his life-long passion and more than two decades of experience in the art and business of making video, theatre, music, and fine art installation, Dan aspires to create original works that are multidisciplinary and technologically inventive.

Boyd Branch

Boyd Branch is Visiting Assistant Professor in the School of Film, Dance, and Theatre. He has an M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Digital Media from Arizona State University and an M.A. in Theatre Studies from the University of Utrecht, where he was a Fulbright Scholar.

Book cover of A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

Art-Science Event: A Brief Anniversary of Time, Oct 18-20

This weekend ASU’s School of Film, Dance and Theatre and School of Earth and Space Exploration present A Brief Anniversary of Time, a one-man show celebrating the 25th anniversary of

Thought Experiments: Dreaming Up a Center for Science and the Imagination

Book cover for "The Future of Publishing" Volume 1. Subtitle "The Future of the Book" Contributing authors, Arial Bogle, Joey Eschrich, Jane Friedman, Dan Gillmor, Lee Konstantinou, Charlie Stross, Corey Pressman. Edited by Ed Finn

Sprint Beyond the Book: The Future of Publishing

Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany

Bruce Sterling in Laser-Cut Hoodie

Bruce Sterling

Visionary in Residence, Spring 2013

Bruce Sterling, author, journalist, editor, and critic, was born in 1954. Best known for his ten science fiction novels, he also writes short stories, book reviews, design criticism, opinion columns, and introductions for books ranging from Ernst Juenger to Jules Verne.

Corey Pressman with microphone in hand, giving a talk.

Corey Pressman

Brainstorm Chaser

Corey is an anthropologist, strategist, magical thinker, and founder of Exprima Media. Exprima is a strategy and design company based in Portland, Oregon that partners with clients to envision, design, and strategize compelling and effective experiences. Corey regularly writes about and delivers presentations on a variety of topics including emerging digital media and interaction design.

Straight Out Of Sci-Fi: Cyberpunk Author Plans Tallest Skyscraper Ever

5 Burning Questions: Bruce Sterling

In this episode of 5 Burning Questions, we talk with legendary science fiction author, design critic, editor and journalist Bruce Sterling. Bruce recorded this interview with us during his tenure as CSI’s inaugural Visionary in Residence. Among many other things, Bruce blogs for Wired.com and is the de facto spiritual leader for ASU’s Emerge since its inception in 2012.