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Help an Indie Bookstore!

Our friends at Changing Hands Bookstore are planning to open a second location (complete with a book-themed bar called First Draft, naturally) in Downtown Phoenix, and they need your help! Check out their Indiegogo campaign, which will be open until December 24. CSI ally Safwat Saleem, […]

David Quammen, Spillover

David Quammen at ASU: Spillover, Pandemics and Scientific Storytelling

David Quammen’s Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic (W.W. Norton, 2012) is an eloquent book, weaving a compelling, scientifically-grounded narrative about the potential for emergent global pandemics. I have come to expect nothing less from Quammen, who throughout his illustrious career has elevated scientific […]

A Design Fiction Evening at IDEO

IDEO San Francisco, October 24, 2013

Speakers: Julian Bleecker and Nick Foster of Near Future Laboratory, Cliff Kuang, senior editor at WIRED, and James Bridle, a writer, artist, publisher and technologist

We met to talk about design. And fiction. And the ways of approaching the challenge of all challenges, whatever it may be. We talked about expressing the opportunities those challenges raise as distinctly new tangible forms. As well as the essential value of mundane design. We talked about clarifying the present. We talked about designing the future. And doing both of these things with design. And fiction.

Presented by: Near Future Laboratory, IDEO and the Center for Science and the Imagination

A Phone Designed to Last


Consumer technology does its best to make sure that products can be customized according to the taste of the user. But let’s be real for a moment. That brand new upgraded smartphone you just purchased has some great features, but the designers messed up some of […]

Daniel Fine

Daniel Fine tells stories by manipulating moving images, puppets, text, actors, inanimate objects, and interactive technology. By combining his life-long passion and more than two decades of experience in the art and business of making video, theatre, music, and fine art installation, Dan aspires to create original works that are multidisciplinary and technologically inventive.

Corey Pressman with microphone in hand, giving a talk.

Corey Pressman

Brainstorm Chaser

Corey is an anthropologist, strategist, magical thinker, and founder of Exprima Media. Exprima is a strategy and design company based in Portland, Oregon that partners with clients to envision, design, and strategize compelling and effective experiences. Corey regularly writes about and delivers presentations on a variety of topics including emerging digital media and interaction design.