5 Burning Questions: Bruce Sterling

In this episode of 5 Burning Questions, we talk with legendary science fiction author, design critic, editor and journalist Bruce Sterling. Bruce recorded this interview with us during his tenure as CSI’s inaugural Visionary in Residence. Among many other things, Bruce blogs for Wired.com and is the de facto spiritual leader for ASU’s Emerge since its inception in 2012.

“Sick” Book Launch: October 1

Young adult author and ASU student Tom Leveen talks about his upcoming novel Sick, his first-ever science fiction novel, in which high school misfits must fend off a zombie apocalypse in the school theater. Leveen also discusses the book’s launch, which will take place at ASU’s Tempe campus on October 1. The event will feature light refreshments, a book signing, a zombie romp and a series of mini-lectures by ASU scholars. Learn more about the event and RSVP now!

Walking the Dinosaur: Building T. Rex for Jurassic Park

On September 10, 2013, Center for Film, Media and Popular Culture and the Center for Science and the Imagination co-hosted “Walking the Dinosaur: Building T. Rex for Jurassic Park” at ASU’s Tempe campus. This event featured Michael Trcic, the lead special effects artist of the T. Rex for Jurassic Park. In this presentation, he discussed the journey of creation, from concept to life-size working model and the unplanned fate of the creature. Check out a sneak peek and watch the full presentation below.

Watch the full video presentation below, and stay tuned for the full-length podcast. Peter Lehman, director of the Center for Film, Media and Popular Culture, introduces Michael, and the presentation begins at 10:50.

Screenshot from the game Skyrim, showing an armored man standing atop a rocky hilltop

Review: The Art of Video Games exhibit

More and more, however, respect for video games has been growing. As the average gamer ages, awareness of the potential for games to enhance cognitive functions and even improve the world has similarly developed. But acknowledgement of their potent artistic power has been somewhat more elusive. And so it was with great exultation that your author received news of The Art of Video Games exhibition opening at the Phoenix Art Museum. Finally, the time had come to put away childish things and embrace video games in all their glory.

Don Marinelli

Edutainment Wizard and Creative Conjurer

Don Marinelli, Ph.D., is the co-founder of the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), together with the late Randy Pausch of “The Last Lecture ” fame. Dr. Marinelli’s book, “The Comet and the Tornado” recounts the coming together of a drama professor and a computer scientist to create the unique educational vision that is the ETC.

Neal Stephenson looks off into the future.

Neal Stephenson

Incanter and Senior Magus

Neal Stephenson is an author of historical and science fiction, a technology consultant, a video game designer and the principal provocateur behind Hieroglyph. Answering Arizona State University president Michael Crow’s challenge to create alternatives to the dystopian visions that pervade our stories about the future, Neal is helping us pioneer new methods of radical collaboration between the storytellers who dream our future and the scientists and engineers that build it.

What is an Incanter, you ask? Learn more here.  

5 Burning Questions: Juan José Diaz Infante

In this episode of 5 Burning Questions, we talk with curator, photographer and poet Juan José Diaz Infante, mission director for the Mexican Space Collective. Learn more about the Mexican Space Collective and ULISES I, a nanosatellite designed as an art piece, and visit ASU’s Digital […]