Future Tense Fiction: Space Leek

Month: June 2019

Future Tense Fiction: Space Leek

By Chen Qiufan

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Co-Design for Learner Help-Giving Across Physical and Digital Contexts

Ahmed, I., Girotto, V., Mawasi, A., Whitehurst, A., Wylie, R., & Walker, E.
International Conference on the Learning Sciences

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Investigating help-giving behavior in a cross-platform learning environment

Ahmed, I., Mawasi, A., Wang, S., Wylie, R., Bergner, Y., Whitehurst, A., & Walker, E
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education

Higher Education: Arizona State University’s Partnership With James Turrell’s Roden Crater Has Much to Teach Museums

by Andy Battaglia, ARTnews

Starred Review:Future Tense Fiction: Stories of Tomorrow

Publishers Weekly

Monster algorithms: Ed Finn

by Athena Aktipis and Dave Lundberg-Kenrick, Zombified Podcast