Science Fiction Frames: Interstellar and Dystopian Optimism

Month: June 2016

Science Fiction Frames: Interstellar and Dystopian Optimism

Samuel Arbesman

How Do We Print Books on Mars?

Madeline Ashby

Science Fiction Frames: Jurassic Park

Jamie Winterton

Bicentennial of Frankenstein Inspires Global Contest for New Stories about Science and Creation

Two hundred years after Mary Shelley came up with the vision for the story that would become Frankenstein, Arizona State University, National Novel Writing Month, Chabot Space and Science Center, and Creative Nonfiction magazine will launch a series of writing “dares” to inspire the public to imagine new stories about science, technology and the impact of creation.

Machines Who Write and Edit

Annalee Newitz

Digital Analogues

Matt Scherer

Book cover for "Spirt beyond the Book" Written, Edited, Assembled and Published in 72 hours

Sprint Beyond the Book: SSP 2016

SSP 2016 Conference, Vancouver

Evolution and revolution in artificial intelligence in education.