5 Burning Questions: Tracey Grose

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5 Burning Questions: Tracey Grose

We talk with Tracey Grose, Vice President of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute.

5 Burning Questions: Juan José Diaz Infante

In this episode of 5 Burning Questions, we talk with curator, photographer and poet Juan José Diaz Infante, mission director for the Mexican Space Collective. Learn more about the Mexican

5 Burning Questions: Boyd Branch

In this episode of 5 Burning Questions, we talk with Boyd Branch.

Bruce Sterling creates 21st century Petroglifs at CSI

During Emerge 2013: The Future of Truth this spring, CSI Visionary in Residence Bruce Sterling was hard at work with a team of collaborators at Arizona State University testing the limits of our rapid prototyping and fabrication facilities. The result of this whirlwind of creativity is an original exhibit of 21st century Petroglifs carved into native Arizona rock with laser cutters.

The Pencil

Mobile technology today and tomorrow

How tall can we build?

One of our Hieroglyph collaborations.

The Launch

Video: Tomorrow Project

Tomorrow Project: Humanities – Imagining Our Future (And Yes, Tweeting Cows!)

Ron Broglio, Associate Professor of English at Arizona State University, discusses how philosophy, aesthetics and literature can help us rethink the relationship between humans and the environment.

Video: Neal Stephenson, Solve for X 2012

Video: Michael Crow, Solve for X 2012