A Storied Future: Future Tense Fiction


A Storied Future: Future Tense Fiction

By Emma Greguska, ASU Now

Power of social media: Erdogan’s smart use of a smartphone

By Ed Finn, CNN Opinion

Bicentennial of Frankenstein Inspires Global Contest for New Stories about Science and Creation

Two hundred years after Mary Shelley came up with the vision for the story that would become Frankenstein, Arizona State University, National Novel Writing Month, Chabot Space and Science Center, and Creative Nonfiction magazine will launch a series of writing “dares” to inspire the public to imagine new stories about science, technology and the impact of creation.

Facebook Trending story: The Wizard of Oz algorithm

Star Wars Day: May the 4th Be With You

Our communications and public engagement strategist Bob Beard visited Phoenix’s NBC affiliate, 12 News, to discuss Star Wars Day and why science fiction fandom matters. Watch now…

Paolo Bacigalupi Uses Fiction and Law to Debate Whether Robots Are Capable of Murder

Cosmos Magazine wordmark, tagline: The Science of Everything.

Putting the science in fiction

Law prof ponders: If a highly advanced robot kills, is it murder or product liability?

Read This Slick Sci-Fi Noir Short Featuring Popular Science

Futurist Brian David Johnson on The Gist Podcast

Listen to our Futurist in Residence Brian David Johnson on The Gist podcast with the inimitable Mike Pesca!

Logo for Furman University, a building against a purple background.

Furman students author stories about the future and sustainability

IEEE Computer Society Logo

Science Fiction Prototyping: Afrofuturism

Discovering Tomorrow with ASU’s University Futurist, Brian David Johnson

Logo for ASU Now: gold text against a white background.

The future doesn’t have to be scary

Building Visions of Humanity’s Climate Future – in Fiction and on Campus

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New ASU Futurist-In-Residence On The Future, Imagination

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Intel futurist Brian David Johnson heads to ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination