Science Fiction TV Dinner: Person of Interest

In just a few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has shifted from the stuff of futuristic dreams to a ubiquitous part of our daily lives. In a moment of dizzying change, the crime thriller Person of Interest considers the strange ways that humans and thinking machines might […]

Center for Science and the Imagination and Open Technology Institute Launch “AI Policy Futures”

“Science fiction stories exert a powerful influence on how we think about technology and the future. But if we spend all of our time looking over our shoulders for killer robots, that means we are not looking ahead to discern the outcomes we might actually want.”

ASU Chamber Orchestra: ‘Frankenstein!’ at Mesa Arts Center

Buy tickets The Jeffery Meyer conducts the ASU Chamber Orchestra as they embark on a musical exploration of Frankenstein themes as part of the ASU Frankenstein Bicentennial Project. Concerts at ASU Gammage and the Mesa Arts Center present HK Gruber’s “Frankenstein!!” featuring a fantastical protagonist and […]

ASU Chamber Orchestra: Frankenstein! at ASU Gammage

Buy Tickets Frankenstein! Part of the ASU Frankenstein Bicentennial Project ASU Chamber Orchestra Jeffery Meyer, Conductor David Schildkret, Chansonnier The ASU Chamber Orchestra embarks on a musical exploration of Frankenstein themes as part of the ASU Frankenstein Bicentennial Project. HK Gruber’s Frankenstein!!, featuring a fantastical protagonist […]

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Torchwood

The BBC’s Torchwood, a spin-off of Doctor Who, centers on a team of investigators working in secret, “outside the government, beyond the police,” to protect Earth from extraterrestrial and supernatural threats. The series blends playful covert maneuvering, creepy monster-of-the-week tropes, time-space continuum bending, and the occasional […]

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Battlestar Galactica

What are the challenges of sustaining a human society in space? How should we govern ourselves and endure political crises in an environment dangerously starved of resources? More importantly, how do we keep all these plates spinning while also fighting a generational war with hyper-intelligent AIs […]