Investigating help-giving behavior in a cross-platform learning environment


A close up photo of a computer screen with unreadable numbers and words stack on each other and all different colors.

Investigating help-giving behavior in a cross-platform learning environment

Ahmed, I., Mawasi, A., Wang, S., Wylie, R., Bergner, Y., Whitehurst, A., & Walker, E
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education

Starred Review:Future Tense Fiction: Stories of Tomorrow

Publishers Weekly

Monster algorithms: Ed Finn

by Athena Aktipis and Dave Lundberg-Kenrick, Zombified Podcast

Future Tense Fiction: No Moon and Flat Calm

by Elizabeth Bear

Approaches to Light

This biography of a dawn traces one particular sunrise through poetry, photography, and lived experience as it played out from four different vantage points on the San Francisco Peaks. This collection is inspired by James Turrell’s land art project at Roden Crater in Northern Arizona.

Future Tense Fiction: The Song Between Worlds

By Indrapramit Das

17 Writers on the Role of Fiction in Addressing Climate Change

by Amy Brady, Literary Hub

Five ASU affiliates who are using their art to make change in their communities

by Chelsea Hofmann, The State Press

ASU ebook ‘Weight of Light’ provides a vision of a solar future

by Nick Hedges, The State Press

Center for Science and the Imagination event puts the science in science fiction

by Endia Fontanez, The State Press

Climate Change Fiction for Students and Teachers

by Sarah Outterson-Murphy Morningside Center

The Scout Report: March 29, 2019

The Scout Report (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Big Rural (reprint)

by Cat Rambo, Motherboard – VICE

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Authors, artists explore solar futures in new anthology

by Joey Eschrich, ASU Now

Friday Field Notes 032219

Solar Cascade

Can Climate Change Fiction Build Consensus, Empathy?

by Brooke Ruth and Mark Sauer, KPBS (San Diego)

Science Fiction Frames: Black Mirror and the Search for True Love


A collection of science fiction stories, art… [Post about Weight of Light]