Celebrate National Science Fiction Day by Learning To Live in the Future


Celebrate National Science Fiction Day by Learning To Live in the Future

By Ed Finn It’s 2013, people—we are living in the future. Since the news is still awash with problems we created for ourselves decades or centuries ago (the permanent fiscal crisis, gun control, the political powder-keg that is the Middle East), it may have escaped your notice that today is also National Science Fiction Day.

Bionic Woman lunchbox!

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Valentine’s Day Edition

Join Micah Lande and Angela Sodemann of the College of Technology and Innovation to watch and discuss the 2007 version of The Bionic Woman, science fiction, cyborgs, design and the

FBI badges of Mulder and Scully

Science Fiction TV Dinner: The X-Files

Join Gregg Pascal Zachary and Retha Hill of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and Ed Finn of the Center for Science and the Imagination to watch and discuss The X-Files, science fiction and the search for truth.

Science Fiction TV Series: Jetsons edition

Science Fiction TV Series: The Jetsons Tuesday, November 27, 6:00 – 7:30 pm Memorial Union 242 (La Paz Room), ASU Tempe campus RSVP at http://asujetsons.eventbrite.com Since 1962, The Jetsons has

How tall can we build?

One of our Hieroglyph collaborations.

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